International Affair
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To keep my bearings, I often review records in bunches, by stylistic affinity. So I've reached back to 1990 yet againg to cathc up with Africa and, er, jazz-rock. Gad-no lyrics to steal jokes from. But the 1991 picks were undeniable.

Linda Gail Lewis: International Affair (New Rose import): The long-ago costar of the lowbrow gem Together registers more twang per syllable than prime Duane Eddy, belting and screeching like a flat-out hillbilly-Jeannie C. Riley, say. But though I'd love to hear her "Harper Valley P.T.A." (or "Fist City," or"9 to 5"), she's Jerry Lee's sister, wildass before she's anything else. She doesn't ignore country on this band-centered studio job, but except for Billy Swan's "I Can Help" ("If your child needs a mama we can discuss that too"), the standouts are from Wolf-Justman, Dave Edmunds, Bob Dylan, all of whom should be damn proud. Covering "They Called It Rock," she gets up to "Someone in the newspaper said it was shit," and instead of rushing discreetly on to the next line she draws out that last word with the relish of a gal who's waited to sing it all her life. Pretty great.

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